Using Star21's Answering Service is easy!

Business owner

Why not join the many business owners who have found that outsourcing their telephone answering to Star21 has made the day-to-day running of their business so much easier!

This is especially the case when:

  • Their business doesn't currently justify the cost of having office premises or employing office-based staff.
Working from home 1
  • They work from home and cannot accommodate staff.
Working from home 2
  • The nature of their business means it isn't always possible to pick up a phone and take a call.
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  • Their clients expect their undivided attention.
  • They need peace, quiet, and no interruptions to concentrate on an important piece of work.
  • They are very often 'out and about' - on the road, in a noisy environment or a public place.
Station concourse

No matter how many calls you receive or how much the call volume fluctuates, your virtual office will always be there to answer your calls and greet your callers - on Saturdays too, if you wish!

When you use the Star21 virtual office, it doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing -there's no difference in the experience for your callers. They can always reach you and will assume you have a well established and fully-staffed operation.

Construction work
When you start using Star21, discovering how many calls you'd otherwise have missed might surprise you. And isn't it nice when some of those turn out to be new business opportunities ...?

Our answering service is not just about picking up the calls you'd otherwise miss. Neither is it just about being able to capture telephone orders you might otherwise lose with an answerphone. Instead, it's also a way to keep your business costs lower than if you employ someone - especially when that employee might not always be in the office, and can be busy doing something else just when the phone rings!

Of course, like any business the staff at Star21 do take breaks, have holidays and are not immune to sickness. After all, in to everybody's life a little rain must fall...

Holiday weather

But, unlike the absence of a key member of staff in your office - we don't think you'll even notice!

Find out how Star21's Telephone Answering Service can work for you NOW!

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